You are awesome and you deserve to have an awesome Christmas party!


We've been around long enough to know that Christmas doesn't have to be about tepid sausage rolls, one awkward drink before you have to drive home and some lame Secret Santa present that you are too embarrassed to even try and ongift.


We've put together some Christmas options that will make sure your clients, co-workers or whoever have an amazing time and will make your party the one everyone remembers - for the right reasons.


And just because its the season, doesn't mean your party needs to be super-Christmassy. Take a look at all our other Entertainment options too. And we love creating things especially to suit you!



Want a laugh that's completely unique to you? We take 2 top performers who know how to work a room, mix that with a briefing from you that includes all the dirt and stir in some Christmas material that everyone loves and you've got 40 minutes of Yuletide merriment and fun created just for you!


You can have a bad Santa,or a more Jolly one. You can have a zombie Santa, a Kiwi Santa or whatever version of the Jolly Old Elf you think would get your party started. 

Working together with our mates at Photo Booth Fun we've also created a package with Santa and a booth to give you those perfect "Santa's Grotto" pics.



Let's face it our Chrissies are a little different to the trad snow and reindeer so why not make your party a little more down homey?

How about beach cricket with Cousin Dale? Or take your secret Santa to a whole new level with some old school Kiwiana Prezzie Bingo?




Santa has a brother. That guy to the left, Noel Christmas. And he loves him a bit of old time Kareoke. You won't find any One Direction or Miley Cyrus on Noel's machine. But what you will find is some of the great classic songs and Noel's own take on them. Noel get's the party started with his own versions, customised for your crew and then let's the magic unfold when your guests take to the mic.