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Off on the Great Kiwi Road Trip

On Saturday night Greg Ellis Creative got invited to one of the legendary Vodafone Christmas Parties.

Well not so much invited but we did send a team (yes there is more than Greg!) to play farmers, bogans, a visiting movie director and a 4 Square lady. What do all these characters have to do with Christmas? Well the team at Madant, who put the event together, had a "Great Kiwi Roadtrip" theme going on and Greg Ellis Creative helped bring it to life.

Our entertainment saw our characters inhabiting different areas of the party, from an iconic Kiwi Dairy complete with custard squares and lamingtons, through bogan car races to a green screen.

The crowd were a bunch of characters themselves, dressed in Kiwiana with everything from All Blacks to jandals and giant pavlovas in attendance. You've always got to be on your toes when the guests are in costume too as your characters need to be bigger and brighter than everyone there so they know you're part of the action! We achieved just that with highlights including our farmers drafting the "rams" from the "ewes" at the entrance to our fearsome yet fair dairy lady ordering a couple of "naughty boys" to clean up their own beer spill.

It was a great start to the Christmas season and a good chance for the team to get involved in one of the biggest festive bashes of the year.

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