• Greg Ellis

Last Minute in Lycra

Every once in a while there's a certain special someone that you want to surprise. Strippers aren't right and singing telegrams are something from out of the past. We can help you out with something personalised and just a bit different.

On this occasion it was a 50th birthday and the birthday boy was a keen cyclist. Cue the entrance of faded French cycling star Pierre eau de Toilette-du Peleton, a character created just for the occasion.

Clad in lycra and Gallic attitude I crashed a meeting (with my long unused road-racing bike)and proceeded to invite the birthday boy to join Pierre's team for one last shot at Tour de France glory complete with his team's official energy bar and drink (ie: a baguette and red wine).

It hit the spot perfectly and as "Pierre" pedalled away the strains of "Happy Birthday" were ringing in the building. A fun 10 minutes! The great thing was that, as it was a last minute booking, we were able to pull together the creative, props and costumes and get me into cycling shape in only 24 hours.

Actually the bit about the cycling shape - not so true. Unless that shape is pear-shaped!

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