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Off on a Christmas Safari

Leanne Fecser from the NZ Veterinary Association had a big surprise in store for her workmates this Christmas. She planned to have their Christmas Party at the office. This seems like a bit of a dud idea right? But with the help of Charlotte Wood Events Leanne and her little helpers transformed the foyer and meeting room of the offices into a Santa's grotto. But something like this couldn't happen with the flick of a switch - the NZVA Staff needed distracting and this is where Greg Ellis Creative got involved.

To get the staff out of the office and keep them busy for 2 and a half hours I became Hoytie du Toit, famed South African Safari guide. Hoytie arrived at the office, assembled the NZVA folk into teams and sent them off on a photographic safari around Wellington. They had to capture themselves in a variety of different pictures themed around their work and Christmas. All the while they were texting the pics to Hoytie at "HQ" who provided them with live feedback as to their progress and the progress of the other teams.

At the same time teams were also rushing to find Dr. Livingstone (Thom McGrath). Dr. Livingstone was to be found at different locations around the city and could only be discovered with cryptic verbal or visual clues. He had bonus photo challenges for the teams.

Despite a little trepidation that some of the staff wouldn't get into it we found everyone got caught up in the competitiveness of the event and the biggest challenge was getting them all back in time for the reveal. After they had oohed and aahed at the transformation of their offices and eaten an amazing meal the staff had Hoytie and Livingstone return to score the challenges. This was done with the aid of a Powerpoint I put together as the teams were competing. This put the almond icing on the Christmas cake with much laughter and good natured disputes over the validity of team's efforts.

All in all a distraction that led Leanne to say:

"You are a totally professional act and we have loved working with you."

The feeling's mutual

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