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New Year

We're 14 days into '14 and its time to update the blog.

The idea is to keep something regular going here so that not only do details about our work pop up here but also things about what matter to us at Greg Ellis Creative, our plans and anything else that you might want to know about (or that we think you might want to know about).

Its been a relaxing ease into 2014 in many ways with post Christmas food bloat to deal with and occasional good weather to bask in. One of the good things about working from home and having your home near the beach is that occasionally you remember that the beach is there and you pay it a visit!

But there is a lot to get done this year. We have ambitious plans and they can't be achieved by sitting on the beach. Sometimes you have to go up a hill in the sun to achieve them - like capturing the photo above. We used it to get in touch with around 200 folk - business we want to work with this year and into the future. Don't worry if you weren't on that list, its just a start.

We've also added new pages to this site, especially our Testimonials page. Go and have a look if you haven't already. It was fantastic working with Mike Bennetts from Z Energy on the video you can find on the page. Mike is a true pro and we got exactly what we wanted on the first take. The only reason we didn't use it was because he did a better job in the second take!

2014 already has a couple of big conferences looming on the horizon - including one for IPENZ in March and another for the NZVA in June. We're already doing prep for these, especially the March one which will feature Greg MCing, in character and appearing along with his band as Vance Fontaine.

All of this should mean that there will have to be very carefully chosen breaks taken to head down to the beach for the rest of the year - we plan to be busy!

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