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Wellington Sevens - Day 2

Its Day 2 of the Wellington Sevens and things are getting down to the pointy end. Both in terms of my role as a Costume Catwalk judge, oh and there's some rugby as well. Apparently NZ is doing quite well at it after a shaky start. I can't tell you anything about that.

The weather was not super great again which made for more fun at the judges table with papers blowing around all over the shop. The costumes were better today and there was a lot of deliberation to be had to choose the final winners and overall prize winner. One of my personal faves was the roller coaster (which you can see with me in the picture) but it was a hard battle to see anyone's favourites take the prize money, such was the level of competition. Still we judges arrived at pretty unanimous decisions after a bit of deliberation and got to be there when all the winners found out their fates.

In between there was more Ute Booting to be done and also a bit of a race on the pitch. Its rare for us to be allowed to actually do anything on the filed of play - so it was cool to get 3 young guys down and put them through their paces as part of the Energiser Challenge. The challenge for me was going to be fronting this for the big screen. The best way to do it would be to run backwards talking to the camera as the race was going on. This was in spite of the fact the contestants all seemed about 21, I would be running backwards in steel-capped boots on slippery grass in front of thousands of people. What could possibly go wrong?

Luckily nothing did and I was now able to retreat to the VIP lounge to actually watch a couple of semi-finals. Alas, with a show o as part of the Fringe Festival this evening that was it for me. The finals - won by the All Black Sevens was to watch another time.

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