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IPENZ Transportation Group Conference - Day 1

The first day of the IPENZ Transportation Group conference took everyone to Zelandia for a welcome function. This was not my first conference with this group but it was the first one for Greg Ellis Creative. The welcome function is always a nice challenge. I always do it in character and there is a great sense of satisfaction from past delegates to see what I've come up with this year.

The great thing about having "old" hands and "new" hands at the same function like this is that the "old" delegates know to play with me in character and so it makes it easier for the new delegates who haven't experienced anything like this to know how to react. This year's character was Colin - the Ornithological Engineer. It was my job to MC the formalities of the welcome function but also to divide the group up into teams and send thme off on their activity for the evening.

It was one I wish I had thought of myself and will certainly be using again. It started like a simple exercise to build a bridge with supplied materials but added the element of geocaching. Geocaching involved the teams using a GPS-enabled smartphone to hunt around Zelandia for extra items for their bridge. A sort of treasure hunt for the 21st century. And it was enormously successful. A great way to kick off the conference and a fantastic way to get people exploring Zealandia.

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