• Greg Ellis

IPENZ Transportation Group Conference - Days 3 and 4

When you've worked with the same bunch of people for a while the challenge is showing them something that they haven't yet seen before. So it was my real pleasure to unleash Vance Fontaine on the unsuspecting folk of IPENZ this year.

Vance Fontaine was a side of me that the IPENZ folk hadn't seen before - including my love of musical improvisation in the mix for the first time. And we added part of The Peculiar Sensations (my improv music band) as well - bringing onboard Tane Upjohn-Beatson on guitar and the multi-talented Thom McGrath to play drums. It was a great way to add something different to the gala dinner, mixing information I had gathered at this, and previous conferences as well as material supplied from the floor.

The next day saw the end of the conference but not before we heard from the young Kiwi engineer who had been working on Google's driver-less car. In fact, he was head of the programme! It was inspiring to hear that some of our brightest brains are helping to deliver the sort of stuff that we used to consider science fiction. And its a great example of one of the real privileges of this line of work - you get to meet and hear from some really interesting and inspiring people.

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