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Let's get Quizzical

There's nothing like the Stuff Quiz to bring people together. Either through its papery versions in he DomPost or online the Stuff Quiz often brings colleagues together for 5 minutes at work every day for 10 questions of team togetherness. It's an institution.

And every year, apparently, the folks at Stuff have a quiz evening for their suppliers in Welington. Teams come along and compete to see who can outsmart each other and a team from the Stuff editorial staff.

This year they got us to do it. Not just hot the thing but, more dauntingly, come up with the questions as well! Talk about a coals to Newcastle situation.

So it was with a little bit of nerves that Greg ventured out to Mac's Function Centre to deliver the Stuff quiz. BUt, like all quiz nights it went down a treat. Plenty of teams, plenty of trivia and plenty of fun. And the Editorial Team got beaten!

So if you want a fun quiz night we've got you covered.

Greg Ellis Creative - the preferred quiz supplier of your preferred quiz suppliers!

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