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Making Award Shows Special

Award shows are a great way to reward achievers. Its a great night and at the end people get a tangible reminder in terms of an award. If they win. But people have cottoned on to the award show and the pressure is on to make each year bigger and better than the last. Especially when we watch the TV and see what awards shows can truly be like when unlimited budget is thrown at them.

Plumbing World had the right idea - they had an Awards evening as part of their conference that had been handled purely in house up until this year and they wanted to kick it up a notch. So they came to us. And we were able to give them a one-stop shop approach that mixed a good MC, with a touch of the theatrical and a good bit of unforgettable entertainment thrown in as well.

We were able to offer them myself as MC plus the addition of The Peculiar Sensations - a fantastic band that have been part of all of our Vance Fontaine shows. Together we are able to improvise musical comedy in whatever style the audience give us. So we were able to have the Awards show convention of playing each winner on and off with music. But this time there was a twist. We got the winner of each category to decide on the style of music for the next category. So we got everything from AC/DC to reggae and hip hop throughout the evening. Also during some of the breaks we were able to improvise full length songs including a love song to the company's computer system!

By having the band as well we were able to make the whole production seem a little more polished and theatrical as well as being enormously entertaining and memorable. Its not every award show that you attend where you have music of your choice composed and performed on the spot just for you!

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