• Greg Ellis

A nice privilege

One of the principles that Z Energy has is "Outside In". It’s the basic idea that acknowledges that Z is only a small company, comparative to other big oil companies, and needs to partner with like-minded kiwi businesses if it wants to deliver. They created an event to help their staff experience this principle by getting various people to talk about their experience in partnering with other businesses.

To deliver this event the team at Z realised they would need to employ "Outside In" themselves and so they came to us. I was already overseas on another job but we were able to partner Z with Cohen Holloway. Cohen's a very funny man but also a man who, through his experience with Z customer service training, knows how Z works. So Cohen was able to help interview the Z staffers and tease out of them the good and bad aspects of their relationships with outside businesses.

We're just glad Z chose us to partner with.

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