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Off on a Silver City Safari

June saw me off to Australia once again with Patrick Duffy and Cleverfool Creative. And we were working again with Patrick's clients Organisation Unlimited and Ford. These are folks who know how to reward achievers. This time it was the top sales people and service consultants in Australia and they were whisked into outback NSW for 5 days of blatting around in brand new Ford Rangers.

This was the second time we'd done this particular job so it was nice turning up to all the old places we visited in 2011 but with a different bunch of people. And some amazing places! We were characters at each port of call along the way and that included:

  • A mafiosi restaurant critic

  • Lost tourists on an outback station

  • A drag show at the Palace Hotel in Broken Hill (which featured in Priscilla Queen of the Desert)

  • Rednecks on quad bikes

  • Men In Black at the Underground Motel in White Cliffs (which is entirely tunnelled into the hill)

  • Arab sheikhs

  • Australian 70s TV personalities the Leyland Brothers

  • A little old couple selling cakes and biscuits

  • A sheriff

Every day we would head off into the outback, armed only with a map and attempt to find our way to the next venue. Everyone else was travelling in convoy but we were operating 2 or 3 hours ahead and driving on roads that were often little more than farm tracks with speed limit signs. Luckily we managed to not get lost but it was a great fun time.

There is always something special about the reaction from the guests to the next set of characters you create. A real sense of anticipation builds up as the days go by and it keeps you on your toes to make sure you lift the standard each time they see new characters even if that does mean walking in drag down the streets of an Outback mining town at night.

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