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Conferencing with the Vets


The NZ Veterinary Association were one of the first clients to book a job with us when we got underway last year. Francesco and Fragrifert may have been the first actual outing but it was Leanne from the NZVA who was first in the inbox to book us for their function.

The NZVA has been a client that I've had a long association with in the past and it was great to be back onboard for 2014. The format for the Vets is always the same but its the characters that we work on each year that make things such a pleasure. Often with jobs I'm in so many different characters that I don't really get a chance to spend a long time in a single character with the guests. Its different with the Vets. This year they got Reg, the Maintenance Supervisor for the Claudelands Events Centre. You can see Reg above (he's the one with the dreads, the guy with the mic is Stuart Bruere).

During the day Reg looked like this striding about the concurrent sessions and the trade show area like a giant jaffa in fluoro orange. But for the Gala Dinner Reg dressed up - tux and fluoro orange bow tie! Its nice to see the delegates react to a change like that. Reg (me) got lots of great compliments for "scrubbing up well" and, in part, this is because everyone has got to know him through 3 days of conference.

The other great thing about a 6-year relationship with one group of folk is that you get to start to know individuals and work out the dynamic of the whole organisation. And the knowledge rubs off on you! I swear that after attending a particular session a few years ago I felt pretty confident in reconstructing my own dog's knee should anything have gone wrong!

It’s a big conference with over 1000 delegates. Some there for the whole time, some only there for a day - so its great to be able to provide a little bit of continuity and a focal point for people throughout all the sessions. And, with so many folk, make sure things run to time! You can really tell the different areas of veterinary specialty with how they respond to being urged to hurry along to the next session - Sheep and Beef Veterinarians dig their toes in like the ewes on "A Dog's Show"

Thanks again to the folk at the NZVA for having me involved again, and for the first time as Greg Ellis Creative. And a special mention to the Greyhound As Pets people who put up with my repeated visits during down time in the conference to hang out with their lovely dogs!

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