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Milking It

Gunther your MC

For the second of our jobs for MyFarm this year I headed down to Queenstown for their "Milk It" conference. This is where all the Farm Managers from the company's farms come together for workshops and a Gala Dinner that celebrates their achievements for the year.

And that's where I came in. I MCed the workshops during the day and then the dinner that night as the German Goat Farmer Gunther.

Gunther is a great match for the alpine setting in Queenstown so I was pleased to be able to use him once again. Its always good fun to get back into my lederhosen (made for me by the fabulously talented Bonne Becconsall) and the character of Gunther always makes for a fun night.

As a character it is easier to break the stuffiness that sometimes creeps over awards. They can easily be taken away from a celebration and just become a bit dour and serious. This is especially the case when your audience isn't a bunch of folk who go to lots of similar events every year. The wonderful farm managers of MyFarm only get the one awards night and so it needs to be fun.

Gunther got everyone loosened up enough that the dance floor got a good working out - as did the photo booth.

Here's hoping I get to next year's function too - maybe not as Gunther

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