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Doing recognition right!

Every year Z Energy holds its "Gathering of Heroes". This is its recognition event where the best Customer Service Reps, Baristas and Forecourt Concierges from around the country are recognised in a big gala dinner. Its an event that really feels like its been done right - the mission is to create a memorable occasion that wows the guests and makes it an aspiration for next year. The nominees are really spoilt. They're flown to Auckland, put up in a nice hotel and given a fantastic dinner. And alongside this comes a great awards show.

So, for the second year, it was my real pleasure to work with Adam Blackwell and the First Star Communications team to deliver an outstanding event for those Z staff who really make a difference on the front line. The 2013 event was a runaway success so we had to come up with a creative and execution to top it. So we ran on from the Heroes theme of the year before and lifted the bar to Superheroes. In the process we created the character of Corrugated Iron Man - NZ's very own superhero. Like Iron Man but with a twist of DIY Blokeishness, Corrugated Iron Man became the event MC.

Then Adam and his team went to town, creating visuals to open the show worthy of a Marvel movie and linking me up with Alex Kennedy of Kennedy Model Making who created the fantastic costume you see in the picture. This sort of thing really helps to make for a special event but the final piece of the puzzle was the way Z execs Mike Bennetts and Mark Forsyth jumped into the spirit of the evening as my sidekicks Captain Concierge and Barista Boy. Having leaders in the business who are not afraid to have fun and be goofy is an amazing thing and it is those touches of personality that really make for a memorable evening.

So thanks, once again, everyone for having me involved and congratulations to all the winners, nominees and organisers for a great event that really was a celebration of everything Z

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