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Lying down on the job

One of the great thing about doing a conference for a bed company is that you get to test the beds!

That's one of the things that Thom McGrath and I got up to when we worked with Beds R Us New Zealand to MC their conference on the Gold Coast. Unlike other similar conferences we played the same characters the entire time but we did something a little different with them for this conference.

The organisers wanted us to help support their message of growth and development that threaded throughout the conference. We did this as a couple of pretty dim Australian maintenance men, Nato and Cobber. During the conference they went from clueless to inspired as they learnt alongside the conference guests. We completed the transformation by appearing in full bib and tucker at the Gala Dinner, which caused quite a deal of sensation and more than one guest remarked on how surprisingly well we scrubbed up!

This is a nice example of something slightly more serious that comedy characters can bring to an event. They can still be entertaining but they can also reinforce key themes and messages and comment and reflect on what happens with an outside eye.

And did we mention the beds were very comfy indeed!

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