• Greg Ellis

Same company, different branch

Having just completed a conference for Beds R Us NZ in Australia Thom McGrath and I then did exactly the opposite. We joined Beds R Us Australia for their conference in Auckland!

Its cool doing different branches of the same company because although there are many aspects that are different there is also a common language and previous experience helps with that. With the Beds R Us crowd there's a little bit of added pressure - some Aussies are invited to the NZ conference and vice versa. So we are constantly having to make sure we keep things extra fresh and extra consistent!

For the Australians we provided more characters than for the Kiwis - we did some maintenance men, again but we also added a couple of ex-All Blacks and the salty sea dogs that you can see above. One of Thom's many talents is his ability to play the accordion and it was perfect for a maritime themed gala dinner. Dressed as some old whalers we were able to perform a sea shanty or two, including a sing-along with the whole audience!

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