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A Video with the Z Factor

At the beginning of September it was time to strap on the Corrugated Iron Man costume again and head on location to film 3 training videos for the folk at Z Energy. These videos were a continuation of a training project that I had worked on prior to setting up Greg Ellis Creative and it was great to be able to continue the project with a new company.

On both occasions, and as I often do when working for Z, I worked really closely with Adam and the team at First Star Communications. Adam and I sat around and brainstormed ideas that would help Z to create a series of videos focussing on customer service. These could then be used by Z's retailers to help train their staff in various aspects of customer service.

Once the ideas were out there Adam worked his magic on the script and I got into the Corrugated Iron Man costume again - much to the delight of my 4-year old boy Max. As many 4-year olds are Max is obsessed with superheroes and finding out that his Dad dressed up as NZ's very own Corrugated Iron Man inspired Max to create his own costume which you can see in the picture!

Unfortunately for Max it was just a bit late to get into the videos. Directed by the awesome Jason Stutter we got 3 videos done that were funny, informative and featuring Corrugated Iron Man. Its really nice for me to be involved because I already appear in the basic training videos for Z staff and it continues that work. The side effect of being in all these videos is that whenever I go into a Z station there is this fantastic moment with the staff where they look at me like they should know me. And they do! From the initial training when Z emerged from Shell to the various waves of training videos it’s been a real pleasure to help Z make their customer service so legendary!

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