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Something gross to go with your entertainment

Our connection with the NZ Veterinary Association continued in late September with a trip up to Palmerston North to help them out with a function for Vet Students. Every year the NZVA gets the Vet Students together in their first year of study to let them know about the association and various membership options and they throw in some entertainment as well.

So Kenny King and I drove up to Palmerston North to face an audience of around 100 future vets and provide them with some improvised comedy. When I spied a book to be given away about diseases in sheep I was inspired with a misguided idea. I thought it might be funny to improvise a scene where I could only speak lines that came from this book. Kenny and I would set the scene in a place where you didn't expect to hear discussion of ovine maladies and then Kenny would get tortured trying to explain all my strange dialogue. What I did not take into account were the countless detailed and graphic pictures of sheep diseases including full head dissections! They cropped up on pretty much every second page so I'm not sure who ended up getting tortured in the scene the most - myself or Kenny!

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