• Greg Ellis

Making an Exhibit of themselves

Unique locations always inspire unique solutions and Te Papa demands something different. When Fonterra wanted us to do something for one of their branches in Te Papa we were given a brief to create a team building exercise that looked at creativity, got people from different teams communicating and pushed them outside their comfort zones a little, but not too far.

So we got them to make an exhibit of themselves.

With Kenny King facilitating the exercise we sent different groups off into Te Papa to take their inspiration from the different areas within the museum. They then had to create a frozen tableau suing the members of the group to fit in as an exhibit in their chosen area of the museum with a plaque to explain what the exhibit was about.

Then late in the day everyone went off on a tour of the museum where each group created their exhibit out in the museum, amongst the other visitors. A great time was had by all and some fantastic exhibits were created.

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