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Plenty of options

One of the cool things about having a great network of people at our disposal is that while we are in the middle of a big job (with me out on the road with others for the Warehouse) we can still look after other clients. So when the Z Business Services division came to us to help facilitate their away day we were able to offer them a great facilitator in Kenny King.

This year I've worked for Z as well as Cohen Holloway and Kenny and its always good to show that although its my name on the top of the letterhead there's plenty of options up our sleeve. Kenny has been doing corporate entertainment as a performer and facilitator for more than 10 years now and, as well as being a talented improviser he is also an enormously experienced puppeteer. This is a skill of Kenny's that we help to utilise in the future but for Z he was helping them get their away day off to a good start.

To get things off from a different perspective this Z team got in a series of internal customers to give their perspective on how the Business services team was working within the company. Rather than have staid PowerPoint presentations they wanted more of an informal interview feel. This was where Kenny came in - he interviewed the internal clients, fielded questions from within the group and also acted as an outside ear when too much organisational jargon crept in. This is a real benefit of having an outside facilitator in. Too often organisational jargon and buzzwords can hijack clear and effective communication. Everyone presumes they know what they mean but they can often have different interpretations. So by having Kenny there we were able to get the various folk saying what they meant clealry and honestly.

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