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The perfect match

Matching the right characters to the right venue is as much of an art as matching the right food and drink. If you get it wrong the characters seem out of place, confusing and often ruin the rest of the evening (or at least become annoying). I find that the best kinds of characters don't really need to explain why they belong somewhere, the guests just get it.

So when Alstom came to us for characters to provide some entertainment for a Christmas function they were having at Mac's Function Centre they wanted characters to not only match the venue but what was happening at the event. They had also organised for an expert to come in and have a chat about beer and food matching and to provide some examples of this to go along with their meal. So our characters needed to fit in with both of these things.

Enter Uncle Mac. Uncle Mac is a character that we have created especially for Macs Function Centre. He goes along with the Kiwiana theme of the place as well as its past as a brewery. Mac is the quintessential tinkerer-in-the-shed. He's one of those blokes with a yarn about the time he attempted pretty much anything and he is passionate about his brewing. So we paired the towelling hat wearing Mac with his mate Noel, a fellow home brewer and one of those loveable eccentrics who has spent maybe just a little too much time in the shed.

Mac and Noel were able to mingle with the guests, break the ice, introduce the beer matching session and tie everything together with a bit of improvised comedy that took in everything the night was about to leave the perfect taste in everyone's mouth.

So if you're planning a function at Macs any time soon ask about having Mac (and maybe Noel) involved in your function.

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