• Greg Ellis

Dairy Farmers and Kim Dotcom

The dairy industry has been pretty good to Greg Ellis Creative in our short while in business. We have a fantastic link with MyFarm and this has led to us being invited down to Invercargill to help Westpac Agri-Business out with their client Christmas function. With a good background from work with MyFarm and the NZ Veterinary Association to help us out Kenny King and myself headed down ready to talk mastitis and somatic cell counts.

In the end we didn't need to but we did have a ball presenting an improvised comedy show for about 100 farmers and farm sector folk that looked at a Dutch dairy farmer's plans for retirement, a low-cost way to add a new bathroom and a Shakespearean twist on the life of a rural bank manager. Kenny and I also improvised a pretty sweet song about Kim Dotcom. The rest of us may have forgotten him - but not in the deep South

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