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Not every muppet can do it

That smiling chap is Andrew Howden, the GM of iNova, and he's just been part of a gala dinner with a real difference at the St. James Theatre in Wellington. The reason it was so different was because the entire evening was MCed by puppets!

Last year I first pitched the idea to Positively Welington venues that maybe they could have their own versions of Waldorf & Stadler, the Muppets two opera box bound grouches. Raewyn and the team were excited about the idea and it was just a matter of time before someone was brave enough to try it out.

I've used puppets in impovisation and corporate events before. In previous companies I've had another puppet, Lenny, as part of our team hosting Queens Wharf for the Rugby World Cup and we've done an enitrely improvised show with puppets before as well. But this time it was with a couple of puppets that we've designed especially for the Opera House and the St. James Theatre.

In comes Kent (he's the guy with the beard) and Cambridge (the fellow with the glasses) - our tow puppets which we had made and brought over from the States especially to use in those two venues. For the 22nd I operated Kent and was joined by Kenny King (an enormously experienced puppeteer and the man who operated Lenny for RWC).

Our brief was to use Cambridge and Kent in exactly the same way we would use ourselves as characters - to help kick off the night and then to MC the awards as well as providing some improvised entertainment in between. A guaranteed memory maker as, to our knowledge, there's no-one else doing something like this anywhere in New Zealand.

Judging by Andrew's smile it all worked fantastically - so if you want the magic of Cambridge and Kent come talk to us and the team at Positively Wellington Venues.


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