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A few ideas for your next function at Te Papa

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A little while back we talked in this blog about an awesome team-building exercise that we created for Te Papa. The great thing about the place is its uniqueness. There's no other venue around that comes close to it for size, variety of spaces and inspiration.

So I thought it might be cool to put a few other suggestions of things that work fantastically in one of Wellington's most fantastic venues:


Take a tour unlike any other you will ever have at Te Papa! Our tour guides are superbly trained in nothing more than making things up on the spot and they will use the exhibits in front of them as well as suggestions from your group to make a hilariousand accidntally factual tour around the museum.

A great way to break up a conference or look after partners the Bogus Tour of Te Papa can be as long or as short as time permits and uses the fabulous exhibits to create a unique comedy show that moves from place to place around the museum. Just don’t expect any of the facts delivered by our white-coated “Te Papa scientists” to be actually factual!

The bogus tour can also be limited to only one area of the museum and can be a great ice-breaker for a cocktail function held in a particular Te Papa location. The Bogus Tour can also be made kid-friendly.


Your very own treasure hunt amongst the collections of Te Papa featuring quirky characters, puzzles and interactive fun for everyone.

We can create a fantastic Treasure Hunt to take your folk around the museum. By adding cryptic clues and puzzles we can make it as hard or as easy as you like.

To make things extra unforgettable why not add some quirky characters who can step from the exhibits to provide added clues, tasks or entertainment.

It’s a fantastic way to get your folk really interacting with a fantastic venue.

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