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IPENZ Transportation Group Conference 2015

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Its great to be able to talk about jobs that already have blog posts attached to them because this means that its repeat business! The IPENZ Transportation Group is a client I've had for a while and its always a great fun job to do because it is a mixture of character work (like my MCing the Gala Dinner as the Roman centurion Felinus Occulus Medianus Strada) and traditional MCing. It is also a real luxury being with the same group of people for a while - there is a real knowledge of the industry and the attendees that comes with familiarity. There's also a challenge, and that is to change things up enough to not seem stale without abandoning everything in an effort to be novel.

Luckily Glenda and the team at Harding Consultants are all over this aspect with new themes for the various components of the conference which challenge me to find new things to do! The other cool thing about the 2015 version of the conference was that it returned to Christchurch. This was my first conference in Christchurch since the quakes. Up until then the city had been a vibrant hub of conferencing activity and it was great to see it finding its feet again. With the Rydges, the Hagley Oval and the Cardboard Cathedral there were 3 new and inspiring spaces to work in as well.

The Hagley Oval was home to our village games opening function which i hosted as the local vicar and presided over a series of traditional games like quoits, egg and spoon and then giant board games like connect 4 and Jenga. It was a great icebreaker and a fantastic way to get things going. The conference tself was at Rydges and everything finished with a gala dinner at the Cathedral. It is a truly memorable space and with all of its columns it worked nicely for a Roman theme. The delegates really stepped up with plenty of Caesars, centurions and Roman maidens in attendance.

I'm hoping I get to find out what 2016's challenges will be!

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