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Going to extremes in Queenstown

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The last time I had to do any crying as part of a performance was back at University.But this job, with my old friends at MyFarm, required me to MC as myself, perform a dramatic piece about Safety and then, later on in the evening MC the gala dinner in character. It was a one day conference that had all the extremes!

Beginning the day as MC things carried along business as usual until just before lunch when all the delegates came back from workshops to find me dressed as a farmer. I had a script which had been developed for me about an ATV incident that was based on a true story. The idea was to create some real impact and show the effect that a fatality can have on those left behind. It was a great script and the hope was that it would have a little bit more impact because I delivered it as real as possible - quite a departure from my usual persona. Not having done anything dramatic for a while meant I had to put in a bit of work to make the performance believable. When I delivered it you could have heard a pin drop. I think it did the trick!

And then it was time to tell the delegates about lunch!

Later that evening there was another gear switch as I shifted from being me to being Buff Wierzbocowski, Extreme Ironing World Champion. Yes it apparently is a sport! And it was probably the first ever Gala Dinner i've done that feature an ironing board onstage with me the whole time.

It was a great day to put to the test all the different components that you may have to pull out over a longer programme - character, MC and serious presentation. And all in beautiful Queenstown.

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