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A lot to live up to

Yes - that's right another outing for Corrugated Iron Man! For those of you that don't regularly follow this blog Corrugated Iron Man is a character I created in conjunction with Stun for Z Energy. He's appeared in the staff training videos and is now into his second awards show for the company. These awards are great because they are for something close to my heart and that's customer service. Every year Z has its annual Gathering of Heroes to salute the best in customer service from right across the country in their retail arm. I've had the privilege of doing every one of the 3 awards as the MC and the last two have both been as Corrugated Iron Man.

Its cool having a continuing character that is part of the culture of a company but it also means that the pressure is on to lift the bar every time. Especially since, for many of the nominees, this is the first big, glitzy gala type event they have been to.

This year was also made a little more challenging because of the great set (which you can see behind me in the photo). Dynamics - the event staging company out of Rotorua who have handled all the events - created an awesome set for me which was basically a full shed with wall of tools, a working beer fridge and power for power tools! Its every performer's nightmare that he or she is out done by their set so I really had to lift my game!

And I think an awesome night was had by one and all. There were awards galore, a pencil got sharpened with an angle grinder, there was good food, great fun and the night ended with a packed dance floor. It was a real pleasure and a privilege to don the suit again and be part of such a fantastic night!

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