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Quizzing for Gold

Every year the Wellington Golds business awards have a quiz and I have had the pleasure of hosting it a fair few times in the last few years. One of the best things about the quiz is that it always involves me getting dressed up in character, which is still a favourite thing of mine to do.

In the past I've been Maggie Thatcher, Einstein and Kim Dotcom to name a few - each time to fit in with the theme of the event. This year had an Eco theme and so my quizmaster was Sir Joseph Banks! Its always a good fun gig although it can feel a bit lonely on your own up on stage in front of a 1000-odd people in the TSB Arena. There's quite a big gap between yourself and the audience and although, through the magic of a live video feed, they can see you its difficult to see them and the distance means that even big laughs seem a little muted from the stage. So it takes a little bit of confidence in the character you've chosen, in the material you have to work with and the fact that its a formula tested by time.

Then the feedback afterwards is always reassuring and means I can't wait to see who I'll be next year!

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