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A Quiz with taste

These quizzical looking chaps are Mac and Noel. You've probably seen them on this blog before (although Noel may have looked a little different) they are some characters that we have created especially for Mac's Function Centre - a couple of quintessential Kiwi homebrewers. In the past they've served as roaming characters, improv entertainment or as MCs but on this occasion, for the lovely folks at MITO, we came up with something that combined a few of those things into one.

Lots of people enjoy beer, and a fair few think they know quite a bit about it. Gone are the days when the only difference between beers was whether they were Lion or DB. Nowadays you are spoilt for choice, especially with the myriad of different beers they have on tap at Macs. So we were asked to come up with a bit of an icebreaker for a function that included staff and partners that wasn't too intrusive and didn't stop people from mingling. Our solution was to have a beer quiz. The guests were asked to work out the styles of 5 different beers. To make it more entertaining than just a blind tasting we had Mac and Noel administer it. Armed with old school flagons, labelled as if they were our own creations (with marker pen and masking tape) Pete Doile and I, as Noel and Mac mingled amongst the guests serving them a small taste of the beer each and a generous helping of banter. It was a great way to keep people engaged and doing something different without feeling like it was too serious or required too much specialist knowledge.

It worked a treat. It's always exciting to put a new spin on something and see it work. We really hope we can try it again - and soon!

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