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Game Changers

Last year we helped The Warehouse with what we thought was a game changing customer service training programme when we created and delivered The Love Doctors to every single store in their 90+ store network. It was a novel mix of comedy, theatre and our own special brand of customer service training that saw a team of two performers costume themselves as customers and approach Warehouse Team Members in a live store environment. We interacted with them in character and then provided immediate feedback and suggestions on what we had just been part of. The programme helped re-focus the Team Members on customer service as the busy Christmas period approached, and re-invigorated past training. One of the coolest things about it was the mix of the theatrical with a live sotre environment - there were customers around and they often became part of the action and it gave us great opportunity to talk to them about everything the company was doing as it shifted its focus to customer service.

We had a great time doing the programme and now its been acknowledged by being one of the finalists in the 2015 HR Game Changer Awards. I'll be going along to help Mark from The Warehouse talk about our programme on the 18th of August before the final winner is chosen the next day. Its pretty exciting to be recognised for creating a programme that stepped outside the box and we're really lucky to work with a client like The Warehouse who are prepared to take a chance and try something on such a big scale that is new and different.

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