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A sweet day's work

There I am looking preeeeeetty pleased with myself in front of our stand at Show Me Wellington. It was the first time Greg Ellis Creative had a presence at the big Wellington conference and events expo as the year before I was in Australia with Thom McGrath and unable to attend. So there were a lot of reunions with people who thought I was out of the conference and events business and it was really nice to clear up that misconception!

Greg Ellis Creative does so many things we often find it hard to really explain what it is and how we work. But this year Allie and I had settled on the idea of setting our stand at the Expo up like a Pick N Mix sweet shop. Each of the jars was labelled with one of the different entertainment, MC and facilitation and training options that we offer and we had little paper bags everywhere that people could use to assemble their own mixture of sweet treats.

Because that is very much how we operate. Its great to sit down with clients and work out exactly what they need for their event. It may be a single solution or it may be a combination of 2 or 3 things from within the pick n mix that we offer. That's part of the fun of working with clients.

Apart from the lollies the other big hit of the expo were our puppets. We had 3 puppets there, initially for colour and because we have used them very successfully in the past. But they became what people wanted to talk about the most. People loved the fact that our puppets and puppeteers are so versatile and can perform for adults or kids, as entertainment or even as MCs. They are a real point of difference and you won't find anything like them on offer anywhere else. One person even got so excited about them she volunteered her services as another puppeteer!

So it was a great day, busy, exciting and full of sharing not only jet planes and milk bottles but also the whole host of exciting things we can provide to help out your events!

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