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Meanwhile in another part of the country.....

At the same time as I was busily swanning about Show Me Wellington and plying the attendees with lollies Kenny King and Jen O'Sullivan were busy up in Palmerston North.

Kenny and Jen were busily helping the NZ Veterinary Association out with their seminar for First Year Vet students from Massey University. As well as giving the students a good feed the NZVA were providing them with useful information about exactly what their professional body does for them. And then they called on Kenny and Jen to provide a slightly lighter version - by way of an improvised comedy show that used information provided by the students about their lives at Massey and information gained from the NZVA and Kenny and my previous forays to this event.

So far I haven't heard back from Jen or Kenny about being traumatised by anything they may have read or seen in any of the text books that are often lying around as Kenny and I discovered last year.

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