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Return of the Mac

Mac is the gift that keeps on giving!

This time I teamed up with the folk at Macs Function Centre to help Battery Town open their conference.

The brief from Warren at Battery Town was that they wanted an opening function that was casual and informal but that was a bit different and made all the delegates want to come even though the conference proper wasn't kicking off until the next day. So we paired Mac, once again with a beer and food matching expert and let things go from there.

The great thing about the character of Mac and Macs Function Centre is that it does seem as though he belongs there and so when I was meeting the guests as they came up the stairs there were a lot of people who weren't exactly sure if Mac was for real or not. I think once I started milling about with them, spinning some tall tales of exactly what the secret ingredient of Mac's Great White beer is they got the idea.

After the welcome I assisted with the formalities and made sure that Duncan (the brewery expert) got introduced between courses and generally mingled with people throughout dinner. The cool thing about Duncan's presentations are that he mixes them up so although we've worked together a few times now I learned a few things - like the fact that drinking from a bottle rather than a glass helps make you gassy and bloated.

So its always educational doing this job - even if its not the education you expected!

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