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Double duty

That's me as Dr. Colin Scopy, world reknowned trauma surgeon and member of Doctors Without Borders. And I'm helping break the ice at the 2015 Nurse Managers' Conference dinner in Tauranga.

On the night I did double duty. For pre-dinner drinks Colin did the rounds of the guests regaling them with his far-fetched tales of courage under fire in tent hospitals dotted all over the Horn of Africa. He was also busily trying to recruit new managers for his hospitals in Africa because of the horrors he had witnessed there caused by inefficient scheduling.

It was a fun way to kick things off and when the guests were ready to move through to dinner I was able to lead them through and MC the housekeeping as Colin.

Once that was done it was time for a quick sprint back to my room to return as the charming Seldom Doogood to play their very own version of "Its In The Bag".

For children of the 70s "Its In the Bag" is a fun way to get elements of a quiz into the evening but without everyone feeling like they have to take part. We used 5 people from the audience selected by their peers as our contestants and rather than tempting them with "money or the bag" we used Jaffas and Chocolate Fish and went "Sugar or the Bag". This lead to some amusing awkwardness when the first contestant revealed he was seriously diabetic but they were always going to go for the bag prizes anyway. Again these were $20 or less each but of a fantastically retro nature (include Remington curlers) and really helped with the whole atmosphere of things. The audience really got into the 2 brackets of contestants and, as predicted, there was chocolate remaining at the end to hand out as spot prizes.

It was a great night for all involved and one that got great feedback....

"Thanks Greg for the great night. Everyone was still talking about you on Friday"

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