• Greg Ellis

A Quiz to bring them all together

There are all sorts of ways to get a message out to the members of an organisation and a customised quiz is a really good way to get the job done. Today we sent Jerome Chandrahasen (pictured here so you can really enjoy his beard!) to help Z Energy reinforce their company values with a quiz.

Thanks to Julie at Z we had a set of questions that helped reinforce company values in a fun way and Jerome was just the man to deliver them. Jerome is a stand-up comic with loads of experience and a dry wit that is perfect for an audience like this. He's also had a bit of experience with the Z corporate culture so he was a natural match.

When the right host comes together with the right questions then a quiz can create an experience that is fun, engaging and makes a business mesage stick in a way that seems natural and not heavy handed. There's value for the business in getting the message out in a way that's different and for the audience there's value in a fun evening with colleagues. Delivered in the right way these two things mean that everyone wins and the message is further bedded in.

For this particular quiz we were operating with questions provided by Z but we are more than happy to come up with the questions to suit your goal and supply you with exactly the right person to deliver it.

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