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Renaissance Men?

Its not often I get flown to Australia for one evening's entertainment and its not often that I get to play 3 quite elaborate characters in one evening. But thanks to Patrick at Cleverfool I got to do both.

The setting was a Christmas party for Victorian car dealers and I became a renaissance artist, fashion designer and opera singer all in the same evening. Each of the characters had a a different mission:

The artist, Giovanni Panini, mingled amongst the guests sketching them in bizarre fashion (sometimes producing an awful charicature, sometimes depicting them as a a bowl of fruit) before floridly signing his work and moving to the next slightly stunned guest.

The fashion designer, Ricardo Spumante, entered the party with a basket full of fabric, ribbons, lace and wigs and proceeded to "makeover" several of the guests into a more Renaissance-appropriate fashion. All the while regaling them with details of what was going to be the next big Milanese fashion trends.

And the opera diva, Picallili con Mortadella, did a little trick that its been my dubious pleasure to develop over the last 12 months. Using my falsetto I sing both the male and female parts of an iimprovised opera scene. This time it was the story of a man who bought his beloved a Christmas present that was far too cheap.

All in all it was a very busy, but very fun night with a great group of people who were surprised and delighted with each new character change. It was a great way to mark my last overseas job for 2015!

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