• Greg Ellis

Christmas Creativity Unleashed

How did we get to this point from what was supposed to be an innocent Christmas food challenge?!

Simple - the power of creativity cannot be contained or predicted. There is always someone in a group who thinks outside the box and is able to take things in a direction that you never expected, with fantastic results!

For my last job of the year the client requested a real mix of options provided to them: a kiwiana quizz, a bit of "Its In The Bag", some bingo and a food challenge all wrapped up in one.


By creating the character of a Wairarapa Cossie Club host we were able to combine everything. The backstory was about the fact that the entire Cossie Club Social Committee couldn't make it over the hill to Wellington so they sent Reg, as a representative, to give the clients a taste of what Friday night at the Tutaenui Cossie Club, Bowls Club and RSA might hold. So in the course of 2 hours it held some testing quizzes with a kiwiana theme, a bit of "Its In the Bag" to award some Secret Santa gifts, some bingo and a challenge to make some Strawberry Santas. What most people made looked more like this:

The lateral thinking came when a few letters in the instructions were switched about and we had a Strawberry Satan!

It was a great fun afternoon, overloaded with silliness and a little darkness. A great way to wrap up 2015!

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