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Twitting it up at the picnic

Just got back from the Posh Pashley Picnic in Greytown where I had the pleasure of playing Reginald Cribbins, Immediate-Past-President of the Greytown Velocipede Fanciers Society. And a jolly good day was had by all!

In the convivial atmosphere of Stella Bull Park in Greytown I helped the folks from Blackwell & Sons bicycles create a very English village fair feel. Not only did I get to twit about as Reginald but I also got to MC the event and judge the bicycle contests. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the park as folk enjoyed picnics, sipped Pimms and took in the dixieland music of the Valley Stompers - a very civilised way to spend an afternoon.

Its always nice to have a good, long time in a character and develop a rapport with the people there. It means that things can be fun and relaxed without everyone feeling like they are being pressured in any way.

There were some very cool bikes - some well turned out Pashleys, of course, an amazing vintage folding bike (complete with vintage owner) and even a bike with its own dog sidecar. Blackwell & Sons hope to make this an annual event so its certainly one to look out for in the future - especially if you like dressing up and bicycles

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