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International Flavour

There's a little video above of a great event I got a chance to be part of.

Grow Wellington hosted 400 or so international students for a Welcome to Wellington function at Pipiteia Marae. It was designed to allow the students to meet each other, experience a bit of Maori culture and find out about some of the services that Wellington has to offer them. The group was amazingly divers, coming from all across the globe and ranging in age from primary school right through to adult learners.

I got to be the MC and, somehow, the judge of the National Dress Competition. It was the first event I've done in more than 26 years where I not only MC'd in my socks but also introduced the Mayor - in her socks!

It was nice to be able to see how much impact a Maroi welcome had on some of the students - they were blown away by it. I also enjoyed trying my best non-verbal communication skills as I tried to explain to small groups of students the cultural significance of the good old Kiwi sausage in bread that was being served up as part of the hospitality.

And there was some really lovely feedback from the client too - which always makes things good:

"I wanted to thank you again for the awesome job you did on the day and prior, you were super easy to work with and definitely will be recommending you!

Your welcome was very warm and friendly and was just perfect for the audience."

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