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Auctions and Conferences

There's me in full messianic MC mode for the NZ Certified Builders' conference this weekend. Two days of making sure the plenary sessions ran smoothly and people knew where they needed to be.

It was also a lesson in how really knowing your audience let's you make the risky calls that come off. When I saw that Eve, who was organising things from NZCB's end had a rhythm based icebreaker and laughter yoga booked for the conference I had visions of rank after rank of blokey builders sitting with their arms crossed and expressions that were bemused at best. That was far from the case - these guys threw themselves into everything, reminding me that you just can't judge an audience by their cover.

Later on the second day I got to do one of my favourite things - auctioneering. I don't get the chance to do it very often but I love the challenge. You get a room of people, a list of random things that you may never have seen before (who could tell me what a gas actuated fastening tool was?) and you have to try and get people to open up their wallets to bid on them. Luckily in situations like that humour is a great weapon and I'm happy to deploy it. My biggest success in the night I think was persuading one poor guy to purchase two quite heavy boxes of wallboard adhesive - that look a lot like explosives. I really wanted to see how he handled airport security the next day!

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