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Don't let the picture fool you - it was a conference!

This picture is just the last part of another successful conference for MyFarm. During the day I was dressed much more sedately - I assure you!

The character you see above is Phil Richardson, the bogus younger brother of the Bill Richardson (famous in Invercargill for Bill Richardson Transport World among other things). He was the host of the conference dinner hosted (as with the rest of the conference) at Bill Richardson Transport World. Phil was the race-driving brother of Bill fictitiously famous for finishing last in the 1985 Le Mans 24-Hour race. I'm not sure that entirely explains the look you see above but the character was a fun one to play.

The day I spent as myself introducing the guest speakers and making sure everyone knew where to find the workshops for my 3rd time with the MyFarm farm managers. The nice thing about these guys as an audience is that they are not serial conference attendees. This conference is one of the few times each year they get off the farm so their expectations are different, less cynical, and they are always open to a good time.

And they are always up for some interesting characters for their evening functions too. I always try and spoof the way that so many companies get in a former sports person to deliver a speech at these sorts of functions. So my characters are always sports people - last year was an extreme ironer, this year an endurance motor racer. The good thing about having someone who isn't a real athlete is that the material that I'm doing for these guys is bespoke to them - I'm not trying to shoe-horn my story into theirs. We're just having fun together in the moment.

And it seemed to work - I got an enquiry to marry one couple after the event in my other guise. Just couldn't make the dates work...

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