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Go the Mighty 'Canes!

Picture thanks to Dave Lintott

That's a happy dude right there!

And why not?

If you've spent much time on this site you'll notice that some of the gigs that I enjoy the most are sports related. I'm a bit of a sports nut so it's always a good thing to be able to make professional and personal worlds line up.

I've been involved in a cricket and a rugby world cup as well as lots of Sevens tournaments and countless other sports events but one thing I've never been involved in, up until this year, is a winning Hurricanes campaign.

How good was this year?!

There were some great games, some buzzing crowds and the uncovering of some new talent in the likes of Loni Uhila.

I got to expand on my role a little this year too - with my own apprentice, the awesome Cam for a night and this....

Hurrioke! One of the things I loved about watching football in England was the massed singing and to hear the whole Stadium singing along is pretty cool. We also got to take Hurrioke on the road and filmed two segments of "Carpool Hurrioke" where Cam, Loni Uhila, James Marshall, Ardie Savea, Callum Gibbins and I drove around Wellington singing and chatting.

It was all great fun but the best part was being able to see a Hurricanes team win for the first time and be part of a sold-out house at Westpac Stadium to celebrate the win!

I can't wait to see them successfully defend the title next year

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