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A quiz with an edge

You've got to find you're thing to make a quiz stand out from the rest. You can't go to a pub without tripping over someone reading a pre-prepared quiz brought off the internet. And then there are the ones where a bit more time is spent and there's a theme - music, movies, sport. Doesn't matter what type of quiz you have there's always one type of person who manages to make things awkward for everyone else - that's the person (or people) who takes it waaaaaaay too seriously.

You know them, right? They argue the syntax of questions or dispute minutiae, they're always concerned that someone else is using their phone...buzzkills.

So I've been experimenting with heading that off at the pass with a new quiz philosophy - life's not fair.

To that end I tried one of my harder core quizzes with a bunch of folk from the NZ Patent Office and the NZ Institute of Patent Attorneys. I figured, with lawyers present there'd be "those" types present.

But that's the good thing about something new and different - by taking a hard (but amusing) line on those types, and the rule fudgers, throwing in some teams marking each other's work and some amusing questions and you've got a night of controlled chaos where everyone is having a good time. Add some 2-way banter and things are fun. As long as you've got someone who is in control of the crowd and in control of their material.

We always bring extra rounds to the quizzes we organise - means we can read the crowd, work out what works best or change the rules on the fly to suit, or confound the crowd.

Judging by the laughter, in spite of a pretty wide spread of scores, I think we achieved that with this quiz proving that it's the chemistry between and quizmaster and the crowd, not necessarily the questions, that makes the night.

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