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The other other food match

No picture for this one, which is a shame, because a picture would really do justice to the unique Wellington On A Plate event I was involved in at Southwards Car Museum.

Often these events feature wine and food matches, sometimes even wine, food and music matches but I got to pop my Wellington On A Plate cherry with an evening that featured wine, food, music and car matches!

Gerry Paul is the fella who organises the Coastella music festival up at Southwards (as well as other events) and it was his idea to get me in to MC a pretty cool event. Over a hundred folk turned up for 7 courses where the food and music was matched to one of the cars from Southwards' collection. We had French music, French food alongside a Citroen 2CV, Kiwi classics, served with Kaimoana and an old Trekka and Scotch Egg, Scottish music and the Argyll. That's right folks - Scotland produced it's own car for a brief period in the '30s and you can go see one out at Southwards museum.

My job, initially, was to link each of the courses with some facts about the cars and introduce the acts. But once Gerry found out I do musical improv I got to improvise a song alongside the T-Bone Trio for a lady who always wished she could have been picked up as a younger version of herself by a bloke in a Holden. Not only did we have that challenge but to do it in the style of pub rock when you were accompanied by guitar and fiddle was a fun challenge.

I'm glad that my first experience was such a unique event and I'll certainly be looking out for something along the same lines for next year.

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