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Putting a little bit of WoW into an event

The day this photo was taken I had been laying drains around my place in the pouring rain and had been caked from head to toe in mud and clay. How perfect, then, was our client for the evening - the Textile Care Federation. These lovely people run drycleaners all over the country and if they had seen how I looked only an hour before Kenny King and I arrived they either would have been mortified or seen dollar signs.

Our brief for this job was to MC and provide some entertainment all the while support the Wearable Arts theme that the TCF had going. It's an unavoidable fact about coming to Wellington in September - the WoW awards. This means packs of drunk cougars staggering about Courtenay Place and amazing and innovative fashions. TCF chose to celebrate the second aspect of WoW with their own recycled fashion show and Kenny and I were there to make sure that ran smoothly. So, in the guise of famous Spanish fashionista Joaquin Valderamma and his Kiwi protegee Gustav we MCed the fashion parade as well as performed some improv comedy of our own.

Kenny's Gustav was a great creation - previously a Kiwi farmer who had launched a line of haute couture gumboots - but Kenny played him as a farmer trying to get used to the air kiss and snide remark world of fashion. Very funny.

The TCF crowd were great fun too. Some fantastic creations, including a fellow who had created a complete calico suit and was going around with pens so everyone else could decorate him - truly wearable art!

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