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My 100th blog post and it's about "Beauty & The Geek"

It's a thing this getting to 100 blog posts. To be honest with you its probably the first time I've applied myself to bring up a hundred of anything!

So it's a shame that this monumental achievement, this conquering of the diarist's Everest, has to concern itself with Beauty & The Geek.

But that's the theme of the novel Christmas party I've just been responsible for delivering an evening's entertainment at. Some of you may be aware of the show - reality TV that plays up the stereotypes of Bimbo and Nerd and pair them together. The Beauties must demonstrate that they have smarts and the Geeks must gain a fashion sense and social skills along the way. Not great TV but a surprisingly good theme for a party.

To start with it's an easy theme to dress to - think early career Britney Spears and pocket protectors and walk shorts. And those type of costumes get people to loosen up.

And couple some easy fun dress ups with a few fun activities and you've got a great night. In the guise of a TV show host I MCed 3 rounds with people from the group selected and thrown into pairs - 1 Beauty and 1 Geek. We then had the Geeks catwalk strut before the audience judges. Once they had done their thing the Beauties had to compose a piece of poetry - an ode to their Geek on the catwalk. Each round the bottom scoring pair were eliminated and we finished with a quiz. The final two couples get asked 6 questions - the Geeks get 3 pop culture questions and the Beauties 3 science questions. The winning couple walks away with fantastic prizes.

There was plenty of raucous good times and this was, in large part, down to some good selection of contestants by the client. Getting the right people for these sorts of events is key. Some of the real extroverts can just sabotage the thing and, at the other end of the scale, being the focus of that much attention can really ruin a person's night. So if you are going to try something like this then careful thought needs to be given to who the right people are to make the entertainment work. I'm always more than happy to help and a quick character mingle at the start (like I did on this occasion) can help with vetting your people.

Didn't seem like it at first glance but a great fun party theme for Christmas.

Who knows what weird pop culture phenomenon my 200th post will be about?

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