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A blast from the past

That's me wincing at how long it's taken me to actually post about this gig!

Yes the date says 22 June - because that's when I actually MCed the job - but I'm writing this in January of 2017. Now this isn't because the gig itself wasn't memorable - just because I do a sporadically horrible job of keeping this blog updated!

On the contrary - the gig in the picture above is me as Bruce Crutchley, sheep farmer for the NZVA Conference. These guys are one of Greg Ellis Creative's first ever bookings and I've worked with them a lot through the years. Usually in different characters. Bruce was my first return character. I'd done him for the International Sheep and Beef Conference a few years ago but it was his first exposure to the wide veterinary world.

And I was originally only going to help out with one conference event but as time passed in the lead up this expanded to two days plus evening events.

The cool thing about being Bruce was that I got remembered, by name, by several of the delegates from the Sheep and Beef Conference. Which was pretty cool. Since I had almost forgotten Bruce's name myself.

It's always good to be reminded that even though I play a lot of different characters each year - some of them stick in people's minds for a long while.

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