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Almost defeated by the Wellington wind

I'm not in this photo at all but I attached it to this blog to show the lengths that Dave Lintott, awesome photographer, will go to to get the shot.

Not long after this pic was taken Dave grabbed a GoPro and jumped into the freezing cold Wellington Harbour in his shorts to get some footage of the NZ Women's 7s team Then he turned around and, dripping wet shorts and all, carried on getting ready to shoot the 7s proper.

This was my only involvement in the 7s this year which was part sad and part a relief. Dealing with the relentless negativity drummed up by the press and fuelled by people who'd never been to the tournament was sucking the life out of it for me. It is a real bummer watching an event die, in large part, through the mis-informed opinions of people who have no idea what they are really talking about.

But enough of that - on to the job at hand!

My involvement in the tournament this year was to front an activation for Qantas. They had cottoned on to the fact that the Australian 7s team had a tradition in Wellington of jumping into the harbour following their final training. They organised to film that swim and add some spice to it by organising a wharf-jumping (couldn't call it bombing because of the airline link) contest against the NZ Women's team.

This seemed like a good idea but Wellington's wind had other ideas. It blew strong and cold and when I showed up I wasn't sure anyone was going to show. But 4 hardy Aussies did and the Kiwi women. Turns out that the Aussies had already been for their dip so these guys were going again! Unfortunately despite their supreme sacrifice it wasn't enough to hold off the Kiwis who were adjudged winners by the crowd that had gathered.

We had hoped to film it all complete with colour commentary and interviews. The wind didn't allow for that this time but the spectacle was success enough, with a good crowd and some good visuals. There was talk of it becoming a regular thing...

...if the tournament comes back.

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