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It's Des Time! Again

It's that time of year once again - I become Des Lawson, quizmaster extraordinaire for the Wellingtonian of the Year Awards. There's not much that I haven't covered about this long-running gig in previous years' posts. So instead I'll talk about costumes.

Des' look is something that I try to change up every year - within the narrow confines of the fact it needs to be gaudy, tasteless and flamboyant. Coming up with the costumes for characters is one of the really fun parts of preparing for me. It's really how I come up with the character - I often end up looking in the mirror and there he (or occasionally she) is.

This couldn't happen without having a pretty extensive costume collection at home. I must be one of the few fathers out there with a set of dress-ups that far outstrips his kids. But all my years' worth of acquisitions are stored in racks in the attic or two wardrobes in the laundry of our house. In there are lots of accessories - glasses, wigs, beards, moustaches and teeth - as well as costumes themselves. Many of those costumes I find but some, like Des' shirt above, are made for me by the awesome Bonne Becconsall.

The rest of the look for any character needs to be assembled from some of Wellington's amazing costume shops. Although at 6'3" and almost 100kg I'm somewhat awkward to dress I've found that the good folk of the Costume Cave, The Costume Company and Totally Frocked are always able to help. Just going and playing at a costume hire place is fun "work".

I'm also lucky that Allie has such a great background in hair and makeup. Although she often cringes at how OTT my efforts are its always great to have her advice.

When you mix this all together you get a process of preparation that's almost as enjoyable as the end product itself!

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